Iceman’s proxmark firmware

Iceman’s fork is a GitHub repository forked from Proxmark3. It is a customer firmware which can be loaded onto the Proxmark3, expanding its capabilities. Please note that his repository is highly experimental. Many changes from forks of Proxmark3 on GitHub eventually get added to the master Proxmark3 repository, however Iceman’s fork includes some unique features including:

  • Support for TOPAZ RFID – Reading, sniffing, simulating.
  • A brute-forcer for AWID RIFDs.
  • A brute-forcer for HID RFIDs.
  • Enhancements to MIFARE Ultralight:
    • hf mfu pwdgen Generate a password from known algorithm
    • hf mfu eload Load Ultralight .eml dump file into emulator memory
    • hf mfu sim Simulate Ultralight from emulator memory
  • Enhancements to T55XX:
    • lf t55xx recoverpw Tries to recover a bad password write from a cloner.
    • RevEng 1.44 – for CRC calculations.
    • Firmware for low-frequency standalone mode
  • As well as many other bug fixes, patches, and scripts.

Iceman’s fork can be downloaded from GitHub here:

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